If you have landed on this page it is because you have requested some information on recording a voicereel.

Below are some answers to some of  the most common questions that I get asked. If you need anything else please do not hesitate to contact me using the details below.



Why get a Voice Reel?

If you are interested in a career in voiceover, a demo is essential. It is your way of letting people know what you are capable of.

A demo is also a great way to support yourself as an actor. Casting Directors will often listen to demos on spotlight to get a better idea of you.


What do I need to record?

Once your recording is confirmed we need to find the right material for you to record. Your voicereel will contain Commercials, Narrative, Documentary and Drama Pieces that show off your voice. We are looking for about 12 tracks covering all of those areas.


First of all listen to lots of voicereels and see what you like. Go to then put in your age, gender and language it will then give you lots of voice samples like yours. Don’t be afraid to steal good ideas!

Below, you will see all the areas your demo will need to cover and how many options we are looking for. Better to have more options that not enough and we can go through them on the day.


Radio Commercials. (4 options)

-These are a great part of your demo. They should be engaging and fun! Get yourself listening to commercial radio stations with lots of ads, for ideas. Also google and youtube can be good for sourcing clips, just search ‘radio commercials’, ‘radio ad’s’ ,etc. If you have a regional accent it can be good to advertise something local to you. e.g ‘Highland Hotels’ ‘Irish Getways’ ‘American Airlines’. Look for different levels of energy and tone. Variety is the key to a good sample. You can always adapt something or write your own. Email me your findings and we can recreate it. If you are struggling at any point do not hesitate to contact me.


Audio books. (3 options)

-This kind of work is not for everyone, you really do have to have a passion for reading. When looking for options try and think of books where you have a similar voice (age/character/gender) to the lead character or author if its an autobiography. It needs to sound like it is your story you are telling. Stay away from the obvious reads, like Harry Potter, etc. Nobody can compete with Stephen Fry. You can also take a monologue from a script, if the character fits. Have a listen to some samples on for some ideas. Maybe bring some books that you are reading at the minute, it’s good to know the whole story of the section you read.


Television (3 options)

-Watch television and you will soon notice that you are guided around the images far more often than you realise. Whether it is documentary, narration, commercials or programming continuity voice actors certainly get around. Channels like the History or Geography channels are great for material.Again, material can be found on youtube. If you have an accent find stories from your region, Dublin Castle or the story of Stone Henge, etc. As ever, if you are having problems thinking of ideas do not hesitate to email.



Work in this area can range from web tutorials to telephone messaging systems. This voice should be clear, engaging and informative. I wouldn’t normally include this in a demo but if you find something you like, by all means bring it along.



*Characters/Accents (2 options)

The majority of the samples recorded should be in your native voice. It is good to show variety though especially if you are good at characters and accents. Also if you can speak a foreign language (fluently) this might be the opportunity to show that. Actors with regional accents also often like to show they can do an RP accent. With work available in animation and video games growing, this is your opportunity to show what you can do. Find a great commercial, Narration or Documentary for the job.




What do I get and how much does it cost?

I have a professional studio and after talking through scripts and ideas we will record around 10-12 tracks. I will offer direction and we will record as many takes until we are both happy. You are not limited to a time, we will work till we get the job done. I will then edit the tracks sending you all the individual finished samples. I will also edit a 2 minute montage that can be uploaded straight to spotlight, for the all-inclusive fee of £150


Can I do a singing demo?

Absolutely, I have been asked to do singing demos in the past and have happily done so.


What do I do with my Reel when it is complete?

Your completed voicereel needs to get out there and promote you. would be the first place to put your reel.

-An agent is a great asset as a voice performer. Never ‘cold send’ your demo. Ring first to see if there books are open and see what they are looking for.

-A lot of voiceover artists make money without an agent. The key is making yourself known to advertising agencies, production companies, etc, and seeing if you can be put on their files. You should see yourself as a brand. Sites like, voice123 and voices pro should also be explored.



I am here to help all along the way, from choosing samples, direction of the session and editing your reel. It is my soul purpose for you to be comfortable and happy with the end product. If you have any questions that are not answered here please do not hesitate to contact me using the contact form below.


Best Wishes,




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