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The Voiceover Studio

The Voiceover Studio

This is the Voiceover Studio Team that makes the magic happen. Meet the team and then maybe check out some of my previous work here

The Voiceover Studio - Head of HR


Human Resources

Meet The Team - Head of IT


Head of IT

Voice Over - Catering

Mrs O


The Voiceover Studio - Accounts Executive



Meet The Team - Office Dog


Top Dog

Voice Actor - Runner



The Voiceover Studio Team brings together an elite group of individuals with the sole aim of providing outstanding voice over recordings. The team originally consisted of some 40 members, but was subsequently reduced to 6 following a disagreement over a sausage roll at the 2019 office Christmas Party.

The autocratic managerial system is fronted by Skippy, promoted at the beginning of 2020 from Office Dog to Top Dog, following the retirement of the Big Cheese. Majority shareholder Mrs Overall handles all things canapés. (NB she only works every second Thursday in March). Clippy comes to us following a brief spell at a Fortune 500 corporation. Eric is on Loan. Jimmy is on day release. Martin is always hanging around. 

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*The Voiceover Studio Team information was mainly incorrect at time of going to print