British Voiceover Videos

British Voiceover Videos

If you scroll down through the media player above you’ll find examples of some recent British voiceover videos. The reason I added a voiceover videos page is so you can see how the video and the voice marry together. If you are looking for some more examples of my British male voice, please click this link

Should you have completed some artwork, or the video, or you know what music will play under the VO, it is hugely helpful. It informs me as to the tone of the piece. Helps me understand what you are trying to achieve. Also, It can determine the pace at which I have to read, maybe you want the video to be exactly 29 seconds? There are some more examples here.

Before I begin recording it’s always great to talk through your hopes for the piece. You can do that here. Don’t forget, you can also dial in live to the session. That way you can give real time direction and get exactly what you need.

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Gatorade – British Voice Actor

In celebration of one of the worlds greatest ever footballers, Lionel Messi. Gatorade teamed up with LA animation powerhouse Gizmo to produce a short film about the players journey. The film went on to win YouTube ad of the Year and has had more than 75 million views.

I’m proud to have been hired as the British voice actor in it, linking up from my recording studio in Wembley to the production company in Los Angeles.

The moral of the piece, “If you have a dream to chase, nothing can stop you.”

Voiceovers for Videos

XITE – Music Chanel Voiceover

The best music video experience in the world, XITE now reaches 100 million households.

Revolutionising the way people experience music videos the company were looking for a range of voiceovers to suit the varying genres of music their customers were looking for.