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More often than not, I stand whist recording voiceovers. Narration for video is the time to take a seat, get comfy and tell your story. The microphone is often described as your listeners ear and narrative voice overs allow for quite a personal form of story telling. 


Video narration allows for an off-camera voice-over to support the on-screen visuals. Guiding the viewer through a television documentary or a piece of corporate content.


I do also have a page specific to explainer videos which you will be able to find here. If you want to talk through a potential project, click through any of the links at the bottom of this page. 

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Teletubbies is still going strong. Helping children with their early years development. I was delighted to be asked to collaborate with the team and provide the narration for the show. 


Above you can see a walkthrough of some of the apps and online material I recorded the narrative voice overs. Teletubbies is a recognised brand so it was about fitting in with what had gone on before. But, also offering something new and fresh. It had to be relatable to all those that were already invested in the show. 

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