Video Game Voice Actor

Video Game Voice Actor

Working as a voice actor in video games is like play time in the recording studio. Training as a stage actor I always love the opportunity to play with characters and accents. Another beauty of gaming sessions is that you can portray characters that you would never have the opportunity to play on stage and screen. 

You can see some video game voice actor samples on this page. Also, Some additional characters can be found on my children’s audiobook reel, which can be found here. If you have an upcoming project that you would like to discuss please use this form here. I am always happy to record free samples of your characters from my studio.

My Recording Studio in Wembley is built to a professional standard and is equipped with ISDN and Source Connect. Click here to see my full specification. Alternatively, I am always happy to travel to another studio. Please use the contact form to check my availability. 

Also, it’s worth noting that I am a gamer which helps my understanding of the world. You can find me using my XBOX series X, drifting between Gears 5, Fifa and Forza Horizon 4.

Character Voice Actor

Pirates of the Asteroid Belt is a virtual reality video game. Set in 2273, somewhere within the solar system. So, my character narrates the player through the game as they fight the pirate infested space station.

Video Game Actor
Gaming Voiceover

Video Game Voice Actor

I recorded this commercial for Lenovo. The Scottish highland video game voiceover character helped to demonstrate the full power of their laptops for gamers.

One of the best things about Video Game Voice Acting is that I get to travel to other studios. That connection with the director is really valuable. It’s a chance to really understand their vision for the character and the game as a whole. It might also be an opportunity to meet members of the design team. They might have a valuable piece of character information such as what the character is wearing. Also they may have drawings about the way they stand and engage with the other video game characters.

And if nothing else their may be a doughnut in it for you?!