Voiceover Blog

Being A Voice Actor

The aim of these blog posts is to assist anyone who may be considering being a voice actor. I’ll try to add more content when I have time so please keep checking back. The posts are kept in an order that I think is best to read them. Although, obviously if you are looking for help in a specific area you can jump about as you see fit. 

I started working as a voice artist over 15 years ago and am still constantly learning (stealing other peoples ideas) so I’ll occasionally drop back in and update the blog posts. So, if you think I may be missing some information or you have something that has been really helpful for you, I’d love to hear it. You can drop be a message here

The above voiceover blog posts start at the very beginning with a summery of what you may want to think about before you start, how to get started and most importantly how to keep going. Everybody’s journey to being a voice actor is going to be different. So, don’t think you have to follow somebody else’s way of working, do what’s right for you. It’s also not going to happen overnight. Building relationships with clients and convincing google you should rank on page 1 is all part of the long game. Set yourself targets and don’t beat yourself up if you don’t quite meet them. You’ll still be moving in the right direction. Best of Luck!