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Audiobook Narration

Audiobook narration voice-overs can be time consuming to commit to. If I agree to do an audiobook I like to read it fully numerous times before I start. I always fear I’ll miss the line in the book that tells me the lead character was Scottish all along. Something that may have been good to know when I started recording.

Coming from an acting background I like to know who each character is and where they fit in to the world that the author has created. The best audiobooks are when the listener feels like they are being spoken to directly. Invited in to a world that although full of details and ideas, still allows them to flex their own artistic muscles.

I also only tend to record audiobooks that I myself would read. Something that excites me. I like travel books, crime and obviously children’s stories. You can find a whole page dedicated to my work in children’s audiobooks here.

5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
Martin grasped the brief perfectly. He delivered something we and the client are thrilled with.

Travel Audiobook Narrator

Walk Sleep Repeat is part of a series of travel books that I recorded for Audible. Following the glorious rambling ramblings of Stephen Reynolds. The books, all written in the first person, follow Stephen as he treks his way around some of the UK’s greatest trails. 

I had just competed the Coast to Coast myself when the offer came through to be the audiobook narrator for Stephens latest book. His written speech pattern isn’t too dissimilar to mine. The real challenge came in the second book we recorded, the Nomad En Suite. A glorious hike around the Pembrokeshire Coast Path. Unfortunately I had to google a lot of Welsh place names. One in particular was causing me such problems I resorted to ringing the nearest post office for a phonetic translation.

Audiobook Narrator