Children's Audiobook Narration

Children’s Audiobook Narration

Witches and Wizards. Badgers on Unicycles. The wonderful world of children’s audiobook narration. The great thing about recording these books is you get to play characters you wouldn’t necessarily be asked to play on stage or screen. I love playing with accents, age and the physicality in these books. Children love clear and bold storytelling and that is what I try to create as a character voice actor.

I can offer full delivery of your audiobook. That includes all processing and production that meet with the requirements of ACX and Audible. I also have great relationships with composers who can create a beautifully crafted soundscape of music and effects to help stir the imaginations of the young listeners. If you would like to listen to other audiobook recordings, please follow this link

Martin is a great guy to work with. Not only is he very talented and takes direction well, but he also has the right personality. Friendly, intelligent and helpful. We’ll definitely be working with him again.

Character Voice Actor

Elli Woolard and Al Murphy have produced amazing stories for children and I was thrilled to have been asked to be the voice actor for their latest creation. Woozy the Wizard brings together a brilliant series of stories. 

In the faraway village of Snottington Sneeze lives a wizened old wizard with knocketty knees. Woozy the Wizard, with his sidekick pig, means well. But sometimes he gets a little mixed up with his spell.

Children's Audiobook Voiceover