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Corporate Voice Over

Explainer Video Voiceover, Corporate Animations or Whiteboard Videos. They are a great way to get the message out about a new piece of software or maybe some exciting news about your business. But why not just get John from accounts to do it? He does have a great voice. I’m sure he could record a voice over advert.


If you want Corporate voice overs that encapsulate everything that you feel your business represents, you need to get a professional voice artist. That might not be me. Not every voice actor is right for every job. Maybe you want someone older, or female? Perhaps you need two different voiceovers for the same advert voice over? I work with lots of other wonderful voices and can happily recommend some additional or alternative voices.

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Explainer Video Voiceover

Building a relationship with clients is one of the joys of being a corporate voice over. Although I have never physically met most of them, I have many brands who I have worked repeatedly with for over 10 years. We have seen each others business grow. You can see some more videos on my YouTube channel.


As an explainer video voiceover you become the voice of the brand and you end up knowing lots about your clients products. (You also develop a good general knowledge, which makes you good in a pub quiz). If you are looking for somebody to become the voice of your brand, just click one of the links below. I’d love to talk you through the process and how I work to produce ad voice overs.

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