Recording Studio

Voiceover Studio

I work out of my own voiceover studio in Wembley, London. You’ll see below not only where the professional voice recording studio is but the equipment that I use. Having my own studio means I am able to link up with my clients all around the world at a time that is suitable for them. They can link up by ISDN, Source connect, ipDTL, Zoom or Skype and direct the session in real time. 

I have a range of MICROPHONES that see me through most projects but these are the three go-tos. The Neumann sees me through most of my working days. This studio cardioid condenser mic offers a clear, natural performance and is considered an industry standard in a voiceover studio. The Sennheiser shotgun mic is great for some commercial work, offering great sound quality. Lastly, the SM7B is a dynamic microphone and I use it for any jingle and singing work. 

Once the words have left the page, travelled through my brain and out my mouth they follow through the above HARDWARE chain. Firstly they receive a vocal boost from the good people of Focusrite before being sent to the Apollo Twin X. The audio interface then does what it needs to do to make them presentable for the iMac.

Recording Studio Software

Depending on how the mood takes me, I will use either Logic or Audition as my DAW. Both have their advantages for different kinds of processing in the voice recording studio. If I do need to do any processing I will use the superb RX8 produced by IZotope Inc.

It’s important to me that my clients get exactly what they are looking for. It can sometimes help them or me for them to be virtually present at the voiceover studio. Using any of the above methods, my clients can offer live direction and feedback, speeding up the process. 

Once the session is complete and the files edited they are sent directly to the client. The files are sent according to your specification. Whether you need a full quality .WAV file or a smaller .mp3 this can instantly be sent using any of the methods shown above. 

If you have any questions regarding the professional recording voiceover studio please do not hesitate to get in contact. I am happy to do trial sessions to make sure you are happy with the connections and quality prior to working together. You can find some of my previous work here