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Commercial Voiceover

Recording Commercial voiceover for Television, Radio, Online & Cinema are often an exciting time in the studio. It’s a chance to flex a little bit more range. I can be heard voicing an animated coffee cup for Costa and tearing down metaphorical consumer “walls” as a superhero for a well known mobile phone company. All recorded from my London voiceover studio. 


Whether you are looking for voice over services for your national television campaign or somebody to advertise your new product online, I would love to be the voice of your brand. 


Take a look around my site and if you have any questions just drop me a message. Also, I would be happy to record a free sample of your script. This way you can get a real idea of what I could bring to the project. 

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Lego - Voice Over London

One of my long term clients is LEGO. It also happens to be the job my nephew is most excited about. In fact, I voice a few of the characters in the LEGO News show. I produce a variety of voice over services for Lego. As well as recording the show itself, those characters are also used to advertise products for the company.


Firstly, you start off with a wireframe character and a basic brief. Then you develop the characters into fully fledged members of the plastic community. It’s a real joy.

Voice Over Services

The key to delivering great commercial voiceovers, is understanding the client and their consumer. When I work with a client it’s not just a case of you sending the script and I record it. For better results I like to learn what you do, who you work with, what do you want to achieve?


The trend for commercials has moved away from the hard sell (at least within the UK). More often than not I’m asked to sound like I work for the company. Like I represent and care about the brand. Honest, conversational and easy to listen to. Because customers don’t want to feel like they are being told what to do. They want to be gently guided and informed. 


You may have an idea on what you want, you may not. That’s ok too. My job is to offer suggestions. Then we’ll work together to bring to life your promotion. If you are looking for a London voiceover, get the conversation started click one of the buttons below.