Radio Drama Actor

Radio Drama Actor

I grew up listening to The Goons and Python on cassettes. They were what made long car journeys worth while (my tape collection also included Mr Blobby and Zig & Zag, but that’s not important). The beauty of working as a radio drama actor, is that you get to play characters that you would never be cast as on tv. You can hear some more character work here

Radio, like audiobooks, invites the listener in to a world but allows them to do some of the work. The other benefit being you’re not constrained by set or budget. You can be anyone at any time in any place. That’s why I love being a dramatic voice actor on radio.

Radio Drama Actor - Radio 4
Clever, crafted comedy with an unexpected little dusting of genius. I liked it A LOT.

BBC Radio 4

Growing up listing to radio comedy it was always my ambition to be a radio drama actor and have my own show on the wireless. Together with John Sheerman and Nick Gadd (and the lovely people at the Comedy Unit) we created our own comedy series which we performed in front of a live studio audience for BBC Radio 4.

So On & So Forth Sketch Comedy
Radio 4 Comedy


I performed in this series commissioned by BBC Radio 4. It was hosted by comedian Thom Tuck and I performed along side sketch comedians Sheeps and That Pair. The series was recorded in front of a live studio audience.